A fun and safe place for you to play some of your favorite games.
Entry and access to HOT Social Club requires a membership. Memberships are available daily and monthly. No one under the age of 18 may purchase a membership. A flat access fee will be charged to participate in tournaments. No hourly fees. A seat fee will be charged to members for cash game play. There is no table rake.

HOT Social Club is a privately owned business and reserves the right to revoke membership to anyone not abiding by the rules, failure to pay dues, or any other safety reason determined by HOT management. HOT Social Club is equipped with security cameras and personnel to ensure the safety and comfort of all members. HOT Social Club prohibits the admittance to the club of anyone with firearms or other weapons. No verbal abuse to staff or other members will be tolerated.

HOT Social Club will provide water and coffee to members for no fees. Members can order food to be delivered at their expense. The club permits BYOB. Please drink responsibly. HOT Social Club will use the rules of the WSOP and will use common sense and fairness in addition to these rules. Some flexibility may be considered for new players of the game. All efforts of consistency will be a focus of management. HOT Social Club will accept credit cards for membership dues and access fees. All chip purchases must be cash.

Please act when it is your turn. This applies to betting and folding when it is your turn, as folding out of turn may give unfair information to another player. One person to a hand. Do not show your cards to other players. Do not say anything that may affect another player's decision in multi-player hands. Heads up--it's on ! Cards speak. Players are encouraged to table their hands in PLO in order for the dealer to determine winners. Please no rabbit hunting--all players are paying for time. Straddles UTG ok. Must be double the big blind. Re-straddles are ok.