Membership Required

You must be a member to gain access to the club. Members records are all documented and kept on file. Must be at least 18 years old to become a member.

Access Fee

Access fee of $12/hour is required to attend the club. Flat fee will be charge for tournaments and events.


The club currently does not serve alcoholic beverages, but we do allow BYOB. You are permitted one small cooler, no larger than 30 quarts. All coolers will be searched.


We do not serve food. Food can be brought in or ordered at your own expense. Players cannot eat at tables. There is a designated area for eating. The club may cater from time to time.


The club is equipped with security cameras and a security guard. Members are not permitted to bring firearms into the club.

Private Events

We have a private room available for reservations. All attendants of private events are required to have a membership and pay the hourly rate or a one time rental fee.


  • All players are encouraged to wear masks
  • Players are encouraged to wash their hands often
  • Temperature checks will be performed for all players and employees who enter the club
  • Chips will be cleaned and sanitized daily
  • Dealers will sanitize hands between table rotations
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available at the club
  • Anyone exhibiting symptoms of illness may be asked to leave
  • No crowding at the entrance